26 Nov


In recent years we have all seen businesses going mobile, from flower shops to repair services and the more commonly seen are food trucks. But the new fad that has been going around are “Fashion Trucks”, that’s right! Why would people choose to invest or buy from these trucks instead of stores? The reasons are plenty for fashion trucks to become a favored alternative.
The trendy new fashion trucks provide new investors to enter this business with a fraction of the cost when compared to the more traditional retail shops. Another fascinating potential brought forth by these trucks is the freedom to sell a variety of clothing and accessories that most fit the local trends and or support local designers to promote their apparels.
Mobile boutiques also give you the benefit of working flexible hours. Instead of sitting and waiting for customers to come to a retail shop all day you can choose to work in the busiest hours of your choosing. Furthermore, compared to more old-fashioned shops fashion trucks have the biggest advantage of reaching out to the customers by going to them directly. Many successful fashion truck owners take part in special events where the customers might be interested in your products or can connect with your sense of fashion.
The lower operating cost also brings about the biggest advantage for customers, as the lower the costs the lower the prices. So finding your fashion needs have never been cheaper!!




Could this trend be the next big thing? Considering all we have discussed I would say YES!!! So keep an eye out for fashion on wheels near you.

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